Young Stars
During the Month of May 2004 is the finalists chosen to this years big event in Svedala:

At noon May 9 the competitors were gathered together for the second election of Young Stars





The public contained parents and relatives to the competitors and was as nervous as the kids!
First artist out was Ida, (which mother is a Filipina) a friend of Nanita as "Lena Ph" with the hit:
"Det gör ont" or as in English, "It hurts"
Now I have not all the names and pictures for all the children there was, twelve in total, but here is some of them doing their copies of their idols:
Sandra known from the TV-show "Fame Factory" was represented of this six year old girl, who also was choose to the final in the big event in July 2004
Which girl don't like Britney Spears?




The Swedish singer Lena Ph again!
This group was also chosen to the Final coming July 2004





Shebang's is not only a hit of Ricky Martin. It is a famous group too!
This group was also chosen to the Final coming July 2004
Now Nanita is my daughter so there is some pictures of her too (of course!)
She choose to be Hanna, a Swedish artist which I hardly know anything about, but anyway!
After every performance, the singer was given a valuating word from the jury
Here they are!
All artists up to fourteen who was in the contest this day
In the pause there was time to play with the friends
Nanita and Ida