Hallo this is me. My name is OLAUS and I am 13 years old.

In the two photos here I am on vacation in BERLIN with my father practising as a translator (2004).
 Well, I know my things. Here I get a diploma in a martial art named KEMPO.

Here I am with my friend Hampus in my grandma's and my grandpa's place in Kristinehamn, Wermland. Here we are sliding sledge.
I was looking like this the summer of 2003, but now have I got much longer hair (Look at the first and the second photo or the picture under).
Here I am with my brother and sister which are named Anton and Nanita. Anton is 11 years old and Nanita is 8 years old. Just in this photo we are in Gothenburg.
Here am I and my Father, brother and sister, and now we will only say GOOD BYE!